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mikumba & mikimbaLatinfest is proud to welcome Mikumba for the fist time. He was introduced to Kizomba in 2009 where he fell in love with the dance and felt a genuine connection with the music. It shook him to the core and has never looked back since. In the next following years would lead Mikumba to dedicating his Life to Kizomba which naturally lead him to teaching and helping others to develop. His wealth of experience was influenced by major Icons within Kizomba from Angola, Cape Verde, Gineau Bissau, France and the UK. His commitment, talent, expertise and high standard have kept him grounded making him one of the most humblest, patient teachers’ on the circuit.

His style of Kizomba is more traditional, with hints of modern day Kizomba. His movement is smooth, fluid with hints of brilliance. Mikumba’s musicality and interpretation of the music is something to be admired. The way he absorbs each musical notation; you would be at fault to blink for you will miss something spectacular…

Mikumba takes great pride in his work and achievements and is constantly learning especially how Kizomba is still evolving here in the UK. Mikumba has developed a robust system that remains authentic and transparent. He’s widely recognised for his passion and knowhow. He loves engaging with the students getting constructive feedback and truly understanding life from their perspective. He will be teaching with his partner Mikimba and also spinning a few tunes in the Kizomba Room. Check him out at Mikumba Williams