Jessica Melaza confirmed for LF 9 Sept 2016

11207332_10153241996740937_4412370227968785670_nDescribed by many as, “one of the most talented people I know” she can shine wherever you put her, through all styles from salsa to bachata, and reggaeton to kizomba. She is totally self-taught, having never been helped or trained meaning her style is completely unique. Watch her dance and you can even see what she is thinking. Having danced many styles over the years, it was in 2009 that she finally found a genre that inspired her, salsa. A year later she started teaching and from here she took hold of every style of dance that came her way. Now specialising in Reggaeton, Body Movement and Styling, Jessica has worked with some of the best teachers around the world and in some of the most popular events. Along with solo and group performances, she runs her own company Melaza Dance, offering classes, one-of-a-kind shows and fitness instructing. “