Welcoming back to Latinfest in Feb……Jennifer Benavidez (Salsa)

  Yes, after her stunning debut last Feb, we welcome back Jennifer Benavidez . She will be at Latinfest to show us all how to style when dancing salsa with a partner    

Look who is teaching Bachata Sensual at Feb’s Latinfest…it’s Angelica Marion

We welcome Angela Marion to Latinfest for the first time    

Also making their debut at Latinfest in Feb….Trevor & Heidi (Salsa)

Trevor & Heidi bring their own Salsa style to Latinfest in Feb    

Look who else is teaching Kizomba at Latinfest in Feb…. it’s Riquita Alta

Riquita also makes her debut at Latinfest and is sure to be a hit with Kizomba lovers    

Another new teacher for Latinfest…its Adamski (Cha Cha Cha)

Adamski comes to us for the first time teaching those Cha Cha moves and playing some great tunes  

Introducing…..Gabriel & Christina (Bachata Moderna)

Making their debut with us in Feb will be Gabriel & Christina who will teaching Bachata Moderna

Merry Christmas from the Latinfest Team

                    Wishing all you Latinfesters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.              See you in 2020 xxx

Have you booked yet??

Sunday @ Latinfest Sept 2019

Friday at Latinfest Sept 2019

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