Steve Eden Booked for Latinfest Sept 9- 12

12670583_10153817897222040_3233713507896630040_nSteve has been on the Salsa scene for about 15 years and has been running his own Salsa company called Salsa Sensation, for nearly 13 years!

Being a self taught dancer, teaching is a passion of Steve’s in ALL areas of dance. It all began at the age of 12 when he found his love of music and dance. With a personal development programme, he continuously strived and still strives to bring the best to every area of dance of which he is part of and this does not limit itself to just Salsa! Steve is well known by all throughout the dance world of Kent and surrounding counties. He has helped masses of people through their journey of dance, whether it be to become a Professional Qualified Instructor or to become a damn good dancer and/or performer, of which some of his students have been seen on TV, in the West End Shows and many others.

Teaching classes is his true passion, and you can see it when he teaches. The classes are energetic and loads of fun, but you still have a great sense of achievement. In addition to this, Steve also really connects with the people he teaches. When asking students of his classes why this is, their response was “Every time I come to a class of Steve’s, he is really understanding of everyone in the class and our abilities, yet really wants to help us push through and achieve more. No rushing, no belittling, no rolling of eyes, just continuous positive energy, so you really can’t do anything but smile and take it all in.”